Well, it's the week for it...

Let's talk about disappointment.

Not a popular topic for blogs.  I'm sure I'd get more readers with another "Gosh darn it, you *can* do it!" post.  Some pithy examples and a heartfelt cheer...seems to be the formula.

I ain't got that in me this week.

The reality of this industry  is that there is a LOT of disappointment.  Let's break it down.

The first, and maybe the easiest to deal with, is what I'll call the "natural disaster" case.  You're working on a painting and your computer crashes.  The company you were hoping to work for goes out of business,or lays off 500 people.  Your printer explodes the day before a con.

Life happens.  You do what you can, you mitigate and diversify, but ultimately, you can't blame anyone, and you  just have to shrug and do the best you can.

The second kind is when things don't go your way.    You don't get the job you applied for, or you get put on a gig at your studio you can't stand, or your day job changes your hours to your most productive time to paint.

The thing to remember here is that it's probably not about you.  This year, a studio picked someone over me because they had a cool name.  Seriously.  That has nothing to do with me, or my abilities.  You win some, you lose some.

The third is when you disappoint yourself.  Your painting doesn't come out like you imagined it would.  After 1000 drawings of faces, you still think you suck.  You accidentally said something that offended the guy who could have given you a job.

*sigh*  Toughie.  You can't say it's not about you in this case...so you have to do some self examination, and remember that just because you aren't where you want to be doesn't mean you can't get there...or maybe, that you should get there.

For me, the worst kind is when you feel let down by other people.....I'm more mad at Democrats who didn't vote than I am at Trump supporters right now.

Try to remember - it's not always about you.  If your friend didn't help you out the way you hoped, she may have had a good reason - or she may not really be your friend.  Either way, doesn't necessarily say anything about you.  It's hard, but don't take it personally.

Really, that's my advice for all 4 of these - 

Don't take it personally.

The Buddhists say that all states are temporary.  You are disappointed.  You don't have to pretend you aren't, but don't let it consume you.  If you allow it to, it will pass.  It is your feeling, you are not its slave.  

Of course, easier said than done.  I'm feeling pretty disappointed across a pretty large spectrum of things today....I can feel elements of all 4 categories.

Don't pretend its not happening.  Don't pretend it's not real, or it's not important.  An artist who can't feel isn't much good to anyone.

Just don't let it stop you.

[edit]  What do you know, I did turn it into a "gosh darn it!" post.  Guess I'm more of an optimist than I feel today.

Thanks for reading.