It's not me, it's you....

Just a quick one, 'cause it was topical to me.  I see a lot of students talking about "Someday, I'll be good enough to work for <xxx company>."  Nothing wrong with a desire to get better, nothing wrong with having goals...BUT:

 As an illustrator, you should ideally be spending time finding clients that meet YOUR vision as much as the other way around. We aren't paupers holding our hats out looking for work, we are partners that work together with clients to create cool content and make everyone $$$$.

It is in every company's best interest to make you feel like it is a privilege to work for them.  If you're hero-worshiping a brand, you're going to ask for less money, and be willing to do more work.

Always remember - You are a creator of cool.  There is no cool without people like you.  You are the SOURCE from which those companies draw to sell successful properties.  Don't give away your  power.  Without companies, we can all make our own projects.  Without us....there IS NO Blizzard, or WotC, or Disney.