Dynamic Sketching

As many of you know, I went to a very "fine art" oriented art school, where technique was very much frowned on as worthwhile to teach.  As such, after I graduated, I made the decision to go down to Pasadena and attend the Concept Design Academy.  There, I took the "Dynamic Sketching" class taught by Peter Han.

Peter taught me to draw.  After 10 weeks of his class, the difference in my skill level and confidence was night and day.

I mention, this, because Peter is currently running a kickstarter for a book of his Dynamic Sketching class notes and drawings.  If you are trying to learn to draw, this is literally the bible.

Peter is an amazing artist, an amazing teacher, and an all around great guy.  This book is going to cover everything from the basics of simple forms, to plants, insects, environmental stuff and mechanical things.

I know there are at least a couple of people who follow this blog that could really benefit from having some of these steps lined out for them.  I REALLY recommend backing this kickstarter, for at least the digital version.


Sorry this isn't a "from the heart, come to God" talk  about life blog post, but I believe that this is a great opportunity to acquire a beautiful book, learn to draw and to support an amazing artist.

Thanks for reading and sharing!