Who has two thumbs and needs thumbnails? This guy!

An off-schedule post, 'cause I was doing some thumbnails this morning and got to thinking. 


The thumbnails in question. 

The thumbnails in question. 

These are just simple, B&W silhouettes done on my iPad in PaintStorm.  Many people resist doing thumbnails, or silhouette sketching - they think they can hit a cool painting on the first try, or that they have a great idea, fully-formed that doesn't need exploration. 

Maybe they can.  For me, look how much more interesting these trees get as they go down the page.  Greg Manchess said in a lecture, "Artists think on paper."  This is my thinking, and to assume that I could just go with the first, perfectly "adequate" tree and get great results is false.  There's nothing "wrong" with that one, but the bottom row are so much better.   

I've heard people say, "I'm boring, I couldn't come up with something cool like this."  Guys - my first one is boring.  Ideas grow when you explore them. 

Spend the time.  Let your brain and your hand do their thinking on the canvas.

Thanks for reading!