Finding Dory in your art.

So I've been working on a painting for my "Cyberpunk Cambodia" IP project.  This morning, I realized that I'd spent 15 minutes painting *on* the sketch layer.  I had obscured lines and made it completely impossible to pull them out and separate things I just shrugged and flattened it into the painting, and kept on working.

As I was walking to work afterwards, I laughed to myself how I would have freaked out last year if that had happened...and it reminded me of "Finding Dory."  When you start out painting and drawing, you get really upset when you forget stuff.  You can't hold it all in your head, and that makes you feel like a bad artist.  You're afraid to go new places, because you worry that you'll screw up.  You stick close to your "more talented" friends and ask for advice a ton.

I love how in the movie, Dory realizes that the clues are always out there for her to find her way.  She's done it before, and she gains the confidence that she can always do it again.  Right on.  From my observations, there are very few "Marlins" out there who know what things are going to be like....and even they get really freaked out when their work heads sideways into the deep unknown.  Most of us aren't "Kim Jung Gi" or "Jack Kirby."  That's OK.  Keep swimming.

As you become more skilled, you start asking yourself, "What would Dory do?"  You don't let the unknown paralyze you, or keep you from trying things.  You know you've done it before, you know that there will be "shells" on the ground you can look for, and that if you just stop and think, you have all the tools you need to get where you need to go.

I lost my linework.  As I paint more, I'm going to have to use the clues in the painting itself to figure out where forms turn, and how it should look.  I CAN DO THAT.  Just because I'm Dory doesn't mean I'm incapable of getting to where I need to fact, Dory is the one that gets everything done.

This confidence is what makes good paintings, and good designs.  I don't think anyone can give it to you, I think you have to find it for yourself...but you can, and you're not broken because you don't know at the start how exactly to get to the end of your painting.  Just keep swimming.

Thanks for reading :)  Go make some beautiful art and help balance some of the dark out there.