Update on the master copies

Hey guys, I don't have a lot to talk about today, but I thought I'd share some of the copies I've been doing recently.

So, as of 2 weeks ago, I had done two Sargent studies.  I did a few more of those, ending with this one:  

Sargent mastercopy

Sargent mastercopy

After that, I did two J. Allen St. John studies - If you don't know him, he's kinda the "proto-Frazetta" of the 20th century.

I wanted to try a photo-study instead of a painting, to work out my own ways of simplifying shapes and values.

To mix things up, this morning I went into DAZ studio, rendered out a figure, and then did a study of that.

I liked that one, but I didn't have time to "bake in" good lighting, so I spent a bit more time today pushing things past where I'd normally take them, and then putting away the reference and adding lighting to make it "pop".

To me, this is the point of doing these copies.  No one cares if you can replicate the  work of an ancient master - you're doing it to push yourself to try new things, and find new ways of problem solving.  After you've done that, you should try to apply those tools to your own work.  I can see some of the things I learned from the Sargents and the St. John studies in today's painting, which is as it should be.  I also feel like I'm learning a ton and getting better very quickly.  Even just doing 1-2 hours of studies a day has had a huge impact on my ability to straight up paint and render.  All of these were done on one layer in photoshop with no textures or photos.

Anyway, I'm sorry I don't have a more text-heavy update, I hope you've enjoyed seeing some of my progress :)  If you start doing daily studies like this, please, let me know your results :)