New Artstation Challenge - Beyond Human

I'm entering at least the keyframe challenge, and probably the environment one as well.  I haven't started drawing or designing yet, first I'm trying to make sure I have a story idea that I like and think I can work with.  Here's what I've got so far.

I gotta admit, I'm kinda tired of the 80s brand cyberpunk transhumanism.  I'm trying to think beyond that.  The first idea I have is a story about containing humanity's mistakes - Runaway, "cancerous" nanotechnology has eaten a huge part of the Pacific Ocean.  The Fractal Sludge Sea boils in a frothing mass, constantly trying to escape its bounds and consume the rest of the planet.  It is contained by a massive energy shield, as anything physical that touches the sludge is consumed.

For the last 10 years, people thought that the intense pressure of the bottom of the ocean would crush and destroy any of the nanites that went down that far...but now, the sludge has evolved and is almost to the ocean floor.  When it reaches the bottom, it will eat itself out from under the shield, dooming the planet.

There are shield generator stations, linked from a core station on a small Pacific island.  They have been creating the containment field since the Sludge Sea was discovered.  As the nano sinks deeper, the shield has been extended down as well, and it now reaches the ocean floor.  It is the greatest engineering marvel ever created by mankind.  Surrounding a surface area larger than Texas, the shield's glow can easily be seen from space.

A small group of psychics, trained from birth, are about to inject themselves with nanites in a desperate attempt to learn to control the cancer.  They will become Beyond Human.