So, for a little over a month, I’ve been working on an “urban fantasy” style story idea, where a boy gets into a fight with his stepdad in Toronto in 1990, goes out to a rave, and wakes up in a park in Vancouver in 2018….no memories of how, but now he can see fae beings living alongside the humans. Here is some of the work I’ve been doing :)

181124 Changeling Meeting1.jpg
181124 Huntsman1.jpg
181125 Unseelie Meg1.jpg
181127 Unseelie Hunter1.jpg
181128 Gnome Sneak1.jpg
181129 Hulder Dancing1.jpg
181203 Bus Stop1.jpg
181206 Office1.jpg
181209 The Turtle General1.jpg
181210 Hag2 Meg Greenbanks.jpg
181212 Warrior Patrol1.jpg
181214 Campus1.jpg
181215 Barrier1.jpg
181217 Art Deco1.jpg
181221 Conversation1.jpg
181223 Underground Bar1.jpg
181226 Nick and Conn Bridge1.jpg
181226 Forest Magic Card1.jpg
181227 Forest 2.jpg

Whew! There’s a month’s worth of personal work on this project :) If you are interested in the stories behind these images, my Patreon (link on the top bar) is free to read, and has writeups for each individual painting. Thanks for following along!